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Mark Ramsey Gott


Discover the soulful sounds of Mark Ramsey Gott - Nottingham born singer/songwriter. From happy to sad, from melancholy to elation, his music and lyrics explore the depths of human emotion and experiences. Let his unique vocals, instruments and production take you on an unforgettable musical journey.

 Song to Myself is a touching and deeply personal song. It’s about my journey, my growth, and my evolution from a younger version of myself to who I am now. This song is my way of paying tribute to my past, embracing my present, and looking forward to my future. Join me on this journey and let the heartfelt lyrics of Song to Myself speak to you. 

Nightboys and Nightgirls is more than just a pop song. It's a reflection of the experiences so many young people endure when they venture out into the nightlife of their respective cities. This song aims to capture the essence of youth and heartbreak, and to connect with those who've experienced it first hand.

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