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My NEW SINGLE: The Lake OUT 13th November

 About Me

 I am a Nottingham born singer/songwriter. Music and an indomitable spirit have been the driving forces in my life. Music has been with me from birth, coming from a family of old-fashioned pub singers on my Mother's side and a Father who brought home vinyl for the record player in the 60's. At 18 I started singing in bands. At 25 I learned to play the guitar, so that I did not have to rely on collaborating with other musicians to find a vehicle for my lyrics. Then I disappeared from the music scene in Nottingham and got wrapped up in marriage, children and a teaching career. In my 40's I started my own Martial Arts Academy. Now in my 60's, and with the encouragement of friends, I have returned to music. I have over 50 songs on all the major digital marketing platforms worldwide. On my recordings I am responsible for all the vocals, instruments, lyrics, music and production. I am currently signed to 105 Records. My music has many influences and I write songs in a variety of genres. My themes vary too, from happy to sad, from melancholy to elation. My songs cover a wide range of topics including: loss, relationships, social comment, loneliness, joy, depression, war and mythology. I hope you find something in my work that appeals to you. Mark x

 My latest single: The Lake. ‘The Lake’ started out as a poem written by me in the 1980’s. It was developed into a song in the 1990’s, but didn’t have enough lyrics to carry a full song. Last year I added lyrics to it and finally completed it. On the surface (pun intended) it is about my favourite lake on Wollaton Park in Nottingham. However, the lake is really a metaphor for a darkness in the human spirit. What do you think that darkness is? Listen to my song and let me know what your interpretation is.

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