About Me

 I am a Nottingham born singer/songwriter. Music and an indomitable spirit have been the driving forces in my life. Music has been with me from birth, coming from a family of old-fashioned pub singers on my Mother's side and a Father who brought home vinyl for the record player in the 60's. At 18 I started singing in bands. At 25 I learned to play the guitar, so that I did not have to rely on collaborating with other musicians to find a vehicle for my lyrics. Then I disappeared from the music scene in Nottingham and got wrapped up in marriage, children and a teaching career. In my 40's I started my own Martial Arts Academy. Now in my 60's, and with the encouragement of friends, I have returned to music. I have over 50 songs on all the major digital marketing platforms worldwide. On my recordings I am responsible for all the vocals, instruments, lyrics, music and production. I am currently signed to 105 Records. My music has many influences and I write songs in a variety of genres. My themes vary too, from happy to sad, from melancholy to elation. My songs cover a wide range of topics including: loss, relationships, social comment, loneliness, joy, depression, war and mythology. I hope you find something in my work that appeals to you. Mark x

 The Boy Who Never Smiled will be released on 17th September 2021. When I was around 5 years old our family Doctor christened me 'the boy who never smiles'. This comment by our eccentric Doctor has always stuck with me. I do not know why I didn't smile. In this deeply personal song I explore possible reasons why I was 'The Boy Who Never Smiled'.

 This song will be released on 18/11/21. The voyage from Africa to the New World of the Americas was called the Middle Passage. Slave ships usually took between six and eleven weeks to complete the voyage. The conditions were barbaric and inhumane. Many died on the journey. There are accounts of slaves drowning by throwing themselves overboard rather than enduring any more. They believed, by doing this, the Spirits of their Ancestors would come and find them and take them home. This song is about one man who chose to jump into the sea.