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Mark Ramsey Gott releases single 'Magic Dreamland'

October, 2017 Mark Ramsey Gott releases single 'Magic Dreamland' So there I am 41 years of age lying incapacitated on the beat up sofa after an operation on my leg. I pick up my knackered nylon string acoustic and start having a think. It comes to me about how I feel at this moment and the first line is in my head 'Spent too much time worrying about my position in this place'....damn I just need a chord and there it is... A7...MRGx

Theory of Relativity (Part 3)

Frankly it's been frantic. I wouldn't have it any other way. Someone turned the egg timer over and I've got to get as much down as possible. One thing leads to another and this has led a flurry of recordings of songs on the back burner now being released. First it was 'King Trumps Queen Narcissus' and this week it is 'Theory of Relativity (Part 3)'. Next week I have another to send out and make a life of its own called 'Magic Dreamland'. At this stage of life let's get them all out there. Time is of the essence methinks. MRGx

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