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My First Blog Post-Mark Ramsey Gott

Welcome everyone to my new blog on my new website. What am I up to? Currently looking at different ways to promote my music online. I use facebook, my facebook fanpage, twitter, tumblr, soundcloud, reverbnation and of course my website. Have been looking at Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg and Buffer today, but need to familiarise myself with them.

Since 16th November last year I have released 7 singles, almost one a week. I use DistroKid to distribute them and have so far been pleased with their service. I have had a few queries for them and they have been prompt to email me an answer. I upgraded my account with them quite quickly in order to sell my singles under the name of my own record label 'MineGott Records'. So now two of the singles are under that name and future ones will be too.

On a personal level I am still recovering from the shoulder operation I had last year. Recovery is mega slow, which is very frustrating. I have daily exercises to perform and see a physio on a regular basis. It is my left shoulder and I am left handed, so I find it difficult to do some tasks as I am not particularly dexterous with my right hand.

My plans for 2017 are to keep releasing singles and to write new songs.

Just found the original lyrics to my song 'Small' all the way back to 1996. It's a song about how I felt with the oncoming arrival of my 2nd daughter. You can still see the tippex if you look closely!

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