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'Maire-A Warrior Returns' by Mark Ramsey Gott released by Rehegoo Music

I would like to share with you the release of my first single with Rehegoo Music, with whom I signed a contract a few months ago. They have beautifully repackaged my Celtic Song 'Maire-A Warrior Returns'. I would like to thank you all for your support. Here is a copy of the email with which I received the news:

We are delighted to announce that your track has been published under the wing of Rehegoo Music! We are sending this update while your album is still on its way to be released on some platforms, that is why below we include a link to Spotify only – for example, Spotify normally would take 3-5 days to put the album out in the store, and iTunes will take longer, up to 10 days. So keep an eye on your album to become available in all stores.

Feel free to share your excitement with links on your social media and other sites, and check it out!

You can find all the details below:

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