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Summer 2021: What's occurring?

Since February 2021, when my contract with the record label came to an end, I have been remixing and remastering all the songs I released with them. I then began re-releasing them. At the time of writing there are about 10 more to be re-released and all will be out there by 11th August 2021. I have a brand new song to release after the 11th called 'The Boy Who Never Smiled', which is probably my most personal song yet. You can see and hear me rehearsing it, stripped back, on the 'Video' page. I haven't set a date yet for release but am considering my birthday in September as a date. Now all the re-releases have been done I am keen to get back to writing new material and have just started putting together a brand new song. Mark 20/07/21

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